Monday, February 23, 2009

Doug and I went in to my doctors appointment this morning in hopes of finding out what the sex of our baby would be. The ultrasound was first. The nurse took a few different measurements and after a few minutes we asked if she could see anything relating to the sex of the baby. She casually said "Nope, the feet are blocking my view of that area so it doesnt look like we will be able to tell." Ugh! Dont get me wrong, I mean we were thrilled to hear that the baby was healthy and normal and had a normal heart beat, etc, etc. But we REALLY wanted to know if we were going to have a son or a daughter. After a whole bunch more measurements, the nurse asked "So what were you thinking it was going to be?" Doug and I (and everyone else, it seems) thought it would be a girl, so we answered accordingly. We were very pleased with her reply, which was, "well, you're right! The baby moved her feet and there it is." We are so excited! Doug is going to be very outnumbered now as both Sophie (dog) and Meiko (cat) are females as well. But at least he gets to remain my only boy for a while longer. :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Resort Living!

Doug and I got a free nights' stay at the Legacy Golf Resort in Phoenix on Sat night. Of course we both forgot our swiming suits so we didnt get to swim but we walked all around the gorgeous golf course and took advantage of the day off by being extra lazy! :)