Sunday, October 11, 2009


Doug and I went to California for a week and had a great time with Averi (and Sophie). This was her first trip aside from Grandmas house.
Dinner at a Ventura pier restraunt
Averi napping. Oh so sweet.
While we were there I got to meet up with bff Clarissa in Beverly Hills. It was a blast, even though we couldnt afford anything on Rodeo Dr. We gave the babies a break in the park. Colby is so cute!

We went on a few walks on the beach which was gorgeous! Averi loved it and fell asleep in her stroller every time. Sophie, on the other hand, was very excited at all the new sights and smells. She was terrified at the waves at first (see the look of horror in her eyes) but then she warmed up to them and got really disgusting with sea water and sand. Luckily there were outdoor showers nearby which Im pretty sure was the worst part of the whole trip for her.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Janese and Kaly!

We were SO lucky to have Aunt Janese and cousin Kaly come visit us for a few days. We had SO much fun and it was sad to see them leave. We spent our time shopping, swimming, and going to the AZ Science Center.
We even got to spend some time with Nammy (Grandma DeGraw) since she was staying at a Phoenix time share with a friend. Cant wait till she comes again at the end of the month! :)