Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Last week we...

For Doug's birthday we went golfing. Here's Doug's swing in action...

Here is me driving the cart. Doug packed my clothes...hope that explains the shirt ;)Getting Bigger... and this is a week outdated too! I already feel like a whale and I'm just barely past the half way point. Cant wait for this summer and 120 degree temperatures!
21 weeks


Doug's team won their flag football championship AGAIN! They got a big trophy and a plaque to make it official. Doug didnt want me to mention it, but he made the winning sack to end the game! :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

MORE sonogram pics 21 wks

"I'm getting a little more crammed in here" She is growing so fast, it's amazing! Her arms and legs have gotten really long and she is filling out nicely. :) I have another belly shot coming soon. I am definately getting bigger!

Happy Birthday Doug! We celebrated Doug's 29th birthday today with baloons, cupcakes, and breakfast in bed. Then after work, he went golfing while I drove the cart ... I'm not much of a golfer :) It was a perfect day today with a high temp of 80 degrees. There will pics on that coming soon too!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sonogram Pic

This was the last ultrasound pic we got. It was taken Monday Feb 23rd. (the day we found out she was a girl!) A little outdated now since they grow so fast at this stage, but now that we have a scanner, I will keep ya'll updated with more of them.

Our baby!

Baby's foot (right in the middle)

First Belly Shot! (18wks 5 days)

We finally got a scanner so I will be keeping you all updated on how fat I will be getting! This is the first one. Not too big yet but definately heading that way! I am already starting to feel her kick and squirm. Doug hasnt been able to feel her yet but I have a feeling he will soon. So exciting!