Monday, October 18, 2010

Fun Weekend

Thursday got up to 100 degrees (pulling hair out) so I took Averi swimming for a bit. She loves the kiddie pool even more now that she can walk. She is a little too daring though and had to be rescued numerous times (pretty much I just cant let go of her hand).

Friday night we went to the movie in the ballpark with some friends. The pro baseball field by our house is used for spring training. So in the Summer/Fall they show movies on the scoreboard every Friday night for free. This time it was The Princess and the Frog. It is really fun now that it has cooled down a bit at night. Right after I took the first pic I looked at it and noticed the big old guy sitting in a Radio Flyer. Gotta love the people of West Phoenix. :)

Saturday Doug got off early and we had a fun laid back day together (overdue!). We went toMarshalls (to get bath mats for my newly re-done master will follow soon), then onto Lowes (to get an owl for our roof in hopes of scaring off the annoying pidgens), then to McDonalds for food and play. Doug was even brave enough to take Averi up through the crawl spaces and down the slide. I thought they were going to get stuck but luckily they made it down and Averi wanted to go again. No such luck. Here is Avers enjoying an ice-cream cone when we got home. She LOVED it!

Then Saturday night we took the air matress outside and went "camping" on the back porch. We watched The Secret Window (very spooky) on the computer outside and then slept. Averi even slept outside with us in her pack and play. She didn't cry once. However I did hear her get up a couple times and giggle and yell "doggie!" every time she heard a dog bark. It was so cute I didnt mind getting woken up. Then in the morning we made pancakes on the grill (sideburner) and ate outside. Here is Aves eating her pancake in front of a very jealous Sophie.
The Camp Site:
Who needs the mountains to go camping?! :)

There is this cute somewhat non-official petting zoo by my our house that is complete with goats, ponies, sheep, chicken, baby calf, pigs, rabbits get the idea. We took Averi and her buddies Ezra and Quin to go feed them on Monday. Other than the agressively hungry chickens, all of the animals were really cute and sweet. I could have stayed and played there all day. Okay, I secretly went there for my OWN enjoyment!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Update... finally!

Our computer crashed a few weeks ago so we had to send it in to get it fixed. 3 1/2 weeks and a new hard-drive later I finally have a computer. I cant seem to find my regular camera (hopefully it will turn up soon!) so I dont have many pics but this is what we have been up to:

Our anniversary was on Sept 23 so we got a sitter and went out to eat at the WigWam Resort. It was really fun to get out and eat a nice meal without all the interruptions that come along with eating with a baby (as cute and loveable as she is). We enjoyed eating out on the patio and eavesdropping on the neighboring table (pretty sure it was a profesional athete of some sort).

Averi learned to walk! She has been walking for a couple weeks now and has almost given up crawling entirely. She thinks she is a big girl now and is loving it. I love it that her clothes arent getting so filthy all the time now like with crawling.

We went with some friends up to a cabin in Pinetop, AZ. It was so fun to hang out with friends and to escape the heat of the valley. Averi had fun too minus the sleepless nights (I guess she was scared or something because she would wake up multiple times both was just fabulous) and the ride home. She cried for 2 1/2 hours STRAIGHT! I dont know if shew as car-sick or what but she was fine when we got home and man were we ready to get home! But other than THAT.... it was great :)

I gave yet another talk in sacrament meeting on Sunday. Apparently I slipped through the cracks and the new bishopric thought I hadnt spoke yet. I spoke on gratitude (hence Pres Monson's talk in General Conference). It went quite well but I'm glad it's behind me.

Katelyn (the girl I babysit a couple days a week) was on fall break so I got to have her all day on Monday. I took her and Averi to the Childrens Museum of Phx and met a friend of mine there. We all had so much fun and anyone who has kids and hasn't been there, I highly recommend going. We were there for 3 1/2 hours and Katelyn still wasnt ready to go. They have a pretend grocery store-complete with isles full of fake food, mini shopping carts, checkout lines and cash registers. They also had a seperate area for just babies under 3 years which Averi loved.

Averi getting the stare-down by a two year old at the museum
Averi and her buddy Sam takin a break

Averi having the time of her life pushing the stroller in circles at the Childrens Museum... wierdo.

Kids lounging on the hammock at the cabin