Saturday, May 26, 2012

Proudfoot's visit!

My sister Maria and her little family took a road trip through Arizona and we were so glad that we got to have them stay with us for a few days. Averi and Kenley got along pretty well and were much more interested in each other this time as compared to prior visits. It will be so fun to see their friendship evolve.
Here is Kenley meeting and holding baby Kadence for the first time.
 Sunday afternoon Doug and I took them to Estrella Mountain Ranch to walk around the pond and feed the ducks. Here they are checking out the fountain and the fish.
Maria, Averi, Kenley, Mike

Since Averi knew her way around a little bit, I think she felt partially responsible for Kenley. She took her hand and led her through all the palm trees. Just look at them. I mean really.... Could they BE any cuter????

 The beginning of another LONG outlet shopping trip. They are smiling because they don't know what lies ahead :) We were there for most of the day and did score some great deals. The boys were good sports. We will just leave it at that ;)
 Here they are at the mall's splash pad which I'm sure was the highlight for them. They got soaked and loved every minute of it.
 Doug and Mike after going shooting.
We took them to downtown Tempe and walked down Mill Avenue to look around. We saw no shortage of interesting people! Anyone seen the soda can lid guy?  Here we are at the Tempe Beach Park.
Afterwards we went to Teds Famous Hotdogs and ate, yep you guessed it, hotdogs! So Good!
Despite Maria being 7 months pregnant, we went on the hike to the "waterfall" up in the White Tanks. It was actually her idea! It was really fun and a great way to get a feel for Arizona landscape.

 Even though it wasn't super hot yet, the girls loved to swim in the kiddie pool and could have stayed there all day I'm sure! Here's Averi giving Kenley a bear hug. So stinkin cute!
 Averi does this thing lately where she just sits down in the pool and hangs out with her head under water and looks around. Then she will come up and tell me what she saw. What a goof!
I don't have a pic of it but Mike and Maria were super nice and took us out to dinner on Wednesday night to the Saddle Ranch. It was De-Lish!
Mike had to fly out to work on Thursday morning at like 5am. Since I am always up at 330am to feed Kadence I decided to go along. Maria and I took him to the airport and then went to the Waffle house for breakfast on our way back. Mmmmm! 
On Friday Doug and I (and kids) caravanned with Maria and Kenley to Utah so that we could bless Kadence in his parent's ward that Sunday. We totally lucked out on the drive. Both kids were really good. Kadence just slept and ate the whole time and Averi just watched her movies the whole time. And lucky for me, Doug didn't mind driving the whole time so I got to sneak in a nap :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

All dressed up!

Aren't baby dresses just the cutest?! I have aquired a number or adorable dresses (mostly from Mom) in tiny little sizes which considering how fast babies grow, will only get to be worn a couple times. I figure I better at least document how cute she looks in them so more people can adore them :)

This one has the tiny matching shoes which she doesn't really like to wear, but oh well!!
Fat girl in a little dress! I love this one. It is satin and is just SO sweet.
This one is probably my favorite. She wore this one for her baby announcement pics and it has sweet little rosets all over the top half as you can see.
And of course, her blessing dress. This is actually mine from when I was blessed and it has the cute matching bonnet. She also wore those adorable pink booties which I am in love with as well.
I will be posting a couple more soon but this is all of them so far :)

This is  just a cute  pic of her smiling. She loves to socialize lately as well as be cuddled. I love to do both with her so it works out great. Both doctors that she has seen have commented on how cuddley she is. But I guess maybe that's expected since both were female :)
 Chillin in her swing with her life-size binkie.
Napping on Mom's bed with her favorite big sister.
 Averi fell asleep like this on my bed with her baby one day :)