Thursday, May 24, 2012

All dressed up!

Aren't baby dresses just the cutest?! I have aquired a number or adorable dresses (mostly from Mom) in tiny little sizes which considering how fast babies grow, will only get to be worn a couple times. I figure I better at least document how cute she looks in them so more people can adore them :)

This one has the tiny matching shoes which she doesn't really like to wear, but oh well!!
Fat girl in a little dress! I love this one. It is satin and is just SO sweet.
This one is probably my favorite. She wore this one for her baby announcement pics and it has sweet little rosets all over the top half as you can see.
And of course, her blessing dress. This is actually mine from when I was blessed and it has the cute matching bonnet. She also wore those adorable pink booties which I am in love with as well.
I will be posting a couple more soon but this is all of them so far :)

This is  just a cute  pic of her smiling. She loves to socialize lately as well as be cuddled. I love to do both with her so it works out great. Both doctors that she has seen have commented on how cuddley she is. But I guess maybe that's expected since both were female :)
 Chillin in her swing with her life-size binkie.
Napping on Mom's bed with her favorite big sister.
 Averi fell asleep like this on my bed with her baby one day :)


Jill said...

Love the little dresses, and it is so sad how fast they outgrow them!! Love how snuggly she is too, especially when it is me hogging her getting them for myself!

M&M said...

Oh my goodness she is so cute!!! And I can tell you there is nothing in my baby boy clothes pile that comes close to being as cute as those little girl dresses!