Wednesday, August 31, 2011


 My parents finally came back from their mission in Australia a couple weeks ago. Doug, Averi, and I all went down to visit (me for 2 weeks, Doug for 4 days). It was fun to see Averi get re-aquainted with her grandma and grandpa since she was only about 6 months old when they left. She actually warmed up to them really quickly and loved spending time with them.
Here is Averi and Grandma teasing each other. Averi thought this game was pretty funny.
Averi and Kenley getting re-aquainted :) They had somewhat of a love-hate relationship while we were there. They would fight and pick on each other but yet they would also hold hands and ask for each other when they were apart. Averi would always be concerned about Kenley if she got hurt or went to bed. She would say "Keh-ee eh uh ny ny" (Kenley went night night) or "Keh-ee eh uh owee" (Kenley got an owee). I have gotten pretty good at cracking all her codes and translating her language for others.

This is the girlies in their strollers when we went to the farmers market.

The whole time we were there Averi was infatuated by the ponies and the horses (or as she calles them "ah-seez") The would probably sit outside and just watch them all day if I'd let her.

We had a late combined birthday party for the girls. Averi got spoiled once again with some great gifts and everyone had a great time.

The Cobbs hosted a dutch oven dinner one of the nights with tons of delicious food and of course a game of baseball and football. The girls got to play baseball but we opted to be spectators (and some cheerleaders) for the football game. As the photo shows, the guys did not play lightly and most were about dead when the game was finally over.

Here is Averi insisting on helping Kylie make the lemonade.

And of course no trip to Boise would be complete without my dad pulling the kids behind the 4-wheeler in the old toy Jeep. Averi LOVED riding in it with Kaly and she would wave and say "Hi Mommy!" every time she drove by me. So cute.

I had tons more pics but they somehow got "corrupted" on my camera so this is it.

Monday, August 1, 2011

2-Year Birthday Bash!

Good morning birthday girl!
That's right, it has been two years since we first welcomed that little bundle of joy into our lives! Seems like yesterday, yet it also seems like we have had her forever. Life was so boring without her :) On friday night we had a luau themed party and invited over all her friends and their families for a big hawaiian feast and celebration. Averi had a great time with friends and got SO spoiled with gifts.

Chicken/veggie kebobs. I skewered about 80 of them! Glad to have that over with. Its a darn good thing that they turned out yummy!

Doug and Eddy on grill duty.
 The par-tay!

The cake (Thanks to the Walmart bakery) 
The kiddos making their own fruit loop leis.
 Present time!
Averi really did get spoiled with gifts. But she loves every single thing she got and is very grateful!
 Cake time!
Averi sharing her cake with Sophie.
 After the party we let Averi open a couple more presents just from us. Here she is playing with her new baby-doll (one of three that she got for her bday...She can never have too many!).
 The after-math...well worth the mess!

On Saturday morning we went to Averi's friend Soren's birthday party at the fire museum. We got to ride on the back of a fire truck! Averi was actually a little nervous but I think she had fun ;)
We pulled the plug on Averi's binkie a couple days ago. She has actually done okay with the adjustment but it looks like she has taken a liking to her baby doll's binkie! It now has Averi teeth marks all over it!
Here she is trying to peek throught the fireman cutout. Still a little too short :)
I think that is enough partying for one girl in a weekend! SO FUN!