Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One silly girl...

With one problem after another, we finally decided to just do away with our old comp and get a new one... hence the delay in blogging...

I just have to document some of the funny things that Averi has done or has been doing lately...
  1. If she is struggling with something (no matter what it is) the problem is always that it's "too big!" ie: she is trying to blow a bubble but can't quite get it, she says "Oh, too big!" ; She trips over the computer  cord, she says "Oh, too big!" ; She can't get a clothing item on quite right and she says "Oh, too big!". The list could go on forever, really. At first I thought she knew what she was talking about. Like if she couldnt get her shoe on because it is getting too small and she would say "too big" I thought "well, I guess maybe her foot is too big". Anyways, after a while I realized she is thoroughly confused about the meaning of the phrase. The problem is that it is usually so funny that I dont want to correct her :)
  2. I have been battling a cold for let's see... about two months now! (this baby is sucking out my entire immune system, I swear) Anyway, I have been hacking a lot and Averi has come to expect that when I cough, I usually run to the sink and spit. She ususally will say "it yucky spit?". Yes is it yucky. Well the other day I heard her cough (a tiny little cough) and say "I need spit!". Then she jogged over to the sink, got on her little stool, leaned over the sink and started making a hacking noise into the sink. Then she got back down and went back to what she was doing. Doug and I were laughing so hard. I can just picture her making a scene her first day of kindergarten hacking into the sink like she is a smoker or something.
  3. This one is not so much funny as it is annoying... Averi has entered the dreaded phase of NOT wanting to get ready for bed in any of its forms. Generally she will not cooporate while getting jammies on so I end up having to literally tackle her and force her limbs in one by one, all the while she is kicking and screaming. It is so much fun :) Same goes for teeth brushing. She used to be so good at letting us do it but I guess she decided she wants to let her teeth rot because I literally have to tackle her down so she is on her back and sit on her with her arms constrained, and then with my left hand I hold her head while forcing the toothbrush into her tighly sealed mouth with my right. Not to mention the times where she is finally all dressed and ready for bed and then decides she needs to go potty again which means her onsie pajamas get to come off and I get to do the whole thing over again. Gotta love motherhood :)
  4. Averi loves to (and usually insists on) open doors for me. She will run to the door before me, struggle a moment to turn the handle, then open it and run in and hold it open for me. Then she will say in a very welcoming voice "come IN!" as if I am a highly anticipated guest in her home.
  5. Averi, despite being very gentle and quiet in nature, has a definite bossy side. She loves having Sophie to boss around and to yell at for no apparent reason. If Averi is in the bathroom, Sophie will usually wander over and wait outside the door (or peek her head in) and Averi will run to the door, peek her head out and say "No Sophie! Stay Sophie!" and then slam the door. Not sure what is so offensive about Sophie waiting outside the door but I guess it is to her. She also freaks out at her when Sophie goes outside without a leash. She will stand at the door and yell "C'mon Soph! Come!" while hitting her leg.
           Averi is in a pre-school group that meets once a week as of this year. There are 8 kids and she is the only girl! She is always really quiet in new situations like that until she becomes more familiar with the surroundings. The first day she reportedly didn't say one word the whole time. The next time she was vocal only because I was there helping, and the third time she went, apparently she didn't say anything except to say "No!" to some of the boys. Ha ha! I have also heard that she does this in the Moms Day Out group that she goes to. She may be shy but she is definately not one to be taken advantage of! Good girl ;)