Monday, April 14, 2014

Kadence turns 2!

My baby turned TWO! Where has the time gone! Kadence has been really into Minnie Mouse lately so consequently, her birthday party was "Minnie" Themed. My amazing friend Laurie made me this adorable Minnie cake that was as delicious as it was cute!

After the kids at some food and played at the park for a few minutes, we played a very brief (due to age) round of "Pin the bow on Minnie" 

 Then we sang to the birthday girl and ate cake! Kadence loved that part as you can see!
 Then Kadence got to open her presents which we loved as well.

 Kadence always loves all the attention she gets from her buddy Quin.

 Happy birthday K-Bear! We could NOT imagine a life without you. We love you SO much and are grateful to have you in our lives.


-Is a very good talker and she loves to show off this skill. She is a little bit shy at first but opens up  pretty quickly.
-LOVES animals. Any time she sees one she will say "oh, doggie", or "oh, kitty", etc. She will give them loves as much as they will allow. She has even learned many of the dog's names what we have watched and will use their name instead. ("Oh, Ike"). I think she actually just loves soft things because when I give her a soft blanket, she will say "ohhhh" and snuggle her face next to it. Love my snuggle bug!
-Is very stubborn and strong willed. She is definitely the stronger personality between her and Averi. She also likes to do most things herself and gets offended if you offer to help.
- Loves to copy Averi and be like her. This often does not sit well with Averi since she likes her space.
-Has recently started saying "oh, fine". Like when I ask her to do something, get something, or eat something. Many times she will just say no, but sometimes she says "oh, fine" and will begrudgingly do what I ask her to go.
- Is is courteous. Almost always says thank you when I give her what she wants. She'll say "Duh-tee Mommy". And she will say it over and over again until I say "you're welcome". She also is good at saying please ("peas") and sorry ("sah-wee"). Of course, when she has to say sorry, it is usually to Averi (for hitting, spitting, or yelling). So when I tell her to stop it and to say sorry (or sometimes lately I don't even have to ask her to), she says "Sah-wee Avee". Cutest thing ever. Averi is pretty darn good at forgiving her as well. Averi will usually say "It's okay" and move on.
-Will say "Beep beep Mommy!" if she wants me to get out of her way. She will say it to anyone that is in her way. I honestly don't know where she learned this from. I guess maybe I did it one time and it really stuck with her or something. I love it though so I haven't taught her how to say "excuse me" yet :)