Tuesday, September 3, 2013


We drove through the night with Brett, Cardon, and Dayton from Bountiful, UT to Petaluma, CA. I have decided that I want to make all of out future road trips in the middle of the night now since the kids just slept the whole time... and me too! We pulled in just in time for breakfast!

During the day they had all sorts of fun activities for the kids. This is Averi with a Popsicle saying "cheese".
There was an awesome inflatable obstacle course that Averi and Kenley loved!
Brave little girls!
The bounce house
Doug and Kadence chillin' in the hanger
There was always fun to be had in the pool! Here is a pic of Maria, Averi, and Kenley riding the inflatable horse.
Of course no reunion at Uncle Sid's would be complete without an epic mud fight! (I was not involved!)
Averi trying to get the courage to jump off the diving board...
...then she does!
Kadence took a liking to Aunt Janese right away.
Kadence running around like a goof ball
She thought she was pretty cool!
Averi taking Kadence's hand to show her the dog.
Petting the dog :)
There was a special dinner and program put on for everyone in the hanger that night. All the brothers said a few words and then we ate dinner. Then we got to watch Eph's Rescue on the projector.
Me and my snuggle bug
Grandma and HER snuggle bug (Averi)
Jody teasing Averi at bed time.
Getting ready to go to breakfast the next morning before heading to Tahoe.
Sid and Gigi's beautiful house
Kadence running around on the dock.

My swollen foot from riding the mechanical bull. 
Don't even know how it happened but 6 weeks later it still hurts!