Saturday, December 19, 2009

Glendale Glitters

Last night we went to Glendale Glitters for the first time. It is basically a festival of Christmas lights, music, dancing, crafts, entertainment, and most importantly... FOOD! We went straight from work so of course I forgot a hat for Averi. We had to improvise with a burp cloth. haha she looked like a little pilgrim or something. She was really quiet and wide-eyed the whole time (as you can see).

Friday, December 18, 2009

Averi's first "real food"

After a visit to the doctor saying that Averi is ready for "real food", we decided to give it shot. Turns out she loves food as much as her mom and dad! She grabs the spoon and tries shoving it into her mouth on her own!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mom and Dad come!

My mom and dad went to Vegas for the Rodeo Finals and were sweet enough to drive the extra 5 hours to come see us! It was SO fun to hang out with them even if it was only for a day (and a hlaf). I was AMAZED at how much they (my dad in particular) was able to accomplish in just one day! So much so that I had to add a post about it.
1-He went with Doug to buy a new tire (I hit a curb and busted a tire. Drove on a doughnut for over a week!)
2- Replaced a headlight that was out (I got pulled over the night before. Luckily I got a nice cop and he didnt ticket me) as well as fix the internal lights.
3-Put up a ceiling fan in our bedroom. Anyone who has no experience with ceiling fans... its much more complicated than you might think!
4- Put up a light fixture in Averi's room. We had been using a lamp until then.
5- Put up a clock that my mom got me forever ago.
We also went to the Nativity Festival again with them which was really fun!
Doug and I are both so greatful for their help and support. I will miss them when they leave for Austrailia in January.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Nativity Festival

New Flip Camera ! We got a new camera for each other for Christmas (on Black a screamin deal!). Here is one of our first videos...

We went to the Nativity Festival last night with the Goodmans. It was so fun. It was really sweet to see all the nativities and remember the true meaning of Christmas.