Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Go Diamondbacks!

Saturday night we went to the Diamonbacks vs. White Sox game. We had a blast even though our Diamondbacks lost. Averi even enjoyed herself (or should I say she enjoyed the trail mix that's all over her face).
 We considered ourselves lucky that we weren't sitting two rows up where a dumb drunk girl threw up! Gotta love the inner city folk!
 Averi has taken a liking to olives (much like her mom) and loves to put them on her fingers before she eats them.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pilates and a Pool Party

Averi loves to sit in her play stroller that is meant for a 1 lb baby doll. Somehow it has held up to her much larger frame. This is how I found her the other day watching cartoons. I am so envious of her flexibility!

 Our neiborhood had a community party on Saturday at the pool. Averi didn't get to swim since it was almost nap time but she did manage to enjoy the water anyways. She first got in with her shoes on so we at least took care of that!

 Averi has learned to always get out of trouble by making this face. I just have to laugh every time. She gets this huge cheesy smile and shrugs her shoulders and clenches her hands together. What a nut.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Maria and Kenley visit!!

 My sister Maria and cute baby Kenley came to visit last week. We had SOOO much fun playing and watching the girlies get re-aquainted. By the time they left Averi and Kenley were pretty good buds. We spent our time Hiking in the White Tanks, Swimming, Shopping at the Anthym Outlets, Shopping at Ikea, Visiting the Childrens museum, and just plain hanging out! We miss them already :(
Ikea. The girls were so good for us and had thier own traveling play pens. They were not quite ready to share one yet!
After shopping, Doug met us for a swedish Ikea dinner. YUM!
Bath Time! The girls got pretty good at sharing toys with each other. I have to give most of the credit to Kenley for being so patient with little miss territorial.
The girls got pretty good at hugging (and kissing) too. Here they are hugging each other while shopping. So stinkin cute!
Then comes the kiss. I loved how their hands were always straight at their sides :)
Kenley enjoying the splash pad at the outlet mall. Averi was not quite as impressed and refused to get wet.
Childrens Museum. Averi was in another one of her impossible moods this morning. Then midday she switched into being just wired and crazy. You can see the transformation just from the pictures. Here she is crying for no apparent reason, refusing to interact with anyone.
Here she is "shopping" at the mini grocery store. Grumpy but entertained.
Now she is totally wired running wild through the noodle forest screaming and laughing all the while.
Averi finally starting to love the water. Her and Kenley had fun jumping to their moms in the swimming pool.
Hiking in the White Tanks. Hot but  beautiful. Maria really wished she got to see a diamond back snake but no such luck. :)
Lucky girls get to ride in the shade.
Maria put Averi's first pig tails in, and surprisingly Averi actually let her!
Super Girls! Kenley seems to think that Averi's pig tails make her look a lot different.
The cutest girls at the pool!

I just love this pic so I had to include it :)