Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pilates and a Pool Party

Averi loves to sit in her play stroller that is meant for a 1 lb baby doll. Somehow it has held up to her much larger frame. This is how I found her the other day watching cartoons. I am so envious of her flexibility!

 Our neiborhood had a community party on Saturday at the pool. Averi didn't get to swim since it was almost nap time but she did manage to enjoy the water anyways. She first got in with her shoes on so we at least took care of that!

 Averi has learned to always get out of trouble by making this face. I just have to laugh every time. She gets this huge cheesy smile and shrugs her shoulders and clenches her hands together. What a nut.


M&M said...

Mike and I were laughing out loud at Averi's getting out of trouble look. Seriously so funny! And, I love the pajamas she is wearing. The pool party looks fun and I love the pilates. Maybe she will be a ballerina with those long, thin, flexible legs.

Candice said...

I wish I was that flexible too! So cute.