Tuesday, October 8, 2013


After the Hendricks reunion in Petaluma,my more immediate family spent a few more days in Tahoe. It was SO beautiful and we had a ton of fun!
Averi getting up the courage to jump off the dock to Doug
Averi out in the water with Doug. It was fun that the water stayed so shallow that far out. Averi could go to the end of the dock and still be able to touch the bottom!

This is what happens with someone tries to get Kadence to talk to them...

Shut-down mode:
 (she will stay like this for a minute or so until she thinks that no one is paying attention anymore)

Averi, Kenley, and Kadence hanging out with Grandma on the shore
Kenley tried to get Averi to hold a Craw-dad but Averi wasn't even close. I was just impressed she didn't run away from it!
Sandy-face Kadence checking out a craw-dad

Eating dinner one evening with Maria and Rix
 Averi and Kenley playing in the sand with their matching reunion shirts.
 My tiny watermelon lover
 Averi was surprisingly on board to go para-sailing with me! She doesn't exactly look thrilled in the picture but she had a good time. She wasn't even that scared when we got taken up... which was a little scary! It was so much fun though!
This was the first round of para-sailers
It was so much fun to see my whole family again! I always love our family reunions...never a dull moment!