Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Proudfoot visit!

We were so lucky to have the Proudfoots come for their annual spring visit! We started off with going to the Farmers Market. There ended up only being a handful of vendors because of the rain. Arizonans don't know how to function when its barely sprinkling outside!
 The girls had a blast at the play area nearby. Note that none of these rides were even moving. :)

We went on a hike the next morning in the Estrella Mountains.
 A sweet moment when they were actually getting along.
Averi got stickers in her hand and Kenley's sensitive side came out and she tried to comfort her. SO cute!
Visiting the ranch at the bottom of the hiking trail.

Averi showing her cousins "her" park.

Kadence and Rix were thrilled to be crammed into the same swing :)
 Cute little church-go-ers!

 Sunday afternoon walk

 My girls grooming Inka - the pooch we were watching
 No Proudfoot visit is complete without an Ikea visit!
 Averi and Kenley LOVED getting to spend the hour at Smalland rather than shopping!
 That night we went to The Culinary Dropout for dinner... SO good!
 ... and Kadence agrees!
 The kids (and us) enjoyed playing Cornhole after we were done eating 

 Averi and Kenley building the Lego set that Kenley gave her.
 The girls loved taking glow sticks into the bath with them... anything to convince them to get IN!
We finally made our way to the Wildlife World Zoo.
The big girls were entranced by this white peacock and were following it around.
The highlight of the zoo trip (at least for me) was the baby jaguars. They were just about the cutest little things I have ever seen!! 
Then we got to feed the stingrays. of course neither of my kids would go near them but Kenley and Rix seemed to love it.

Absolutely NO visit from Maria would be complete without an all day trip to the Anthem Outlets! We got some great deals! Here is my loot:
The big girls in their new matching swim suits
An amazing photo shoot of me and Maria
Baby Rix and Kadence got along together much better than their sisterly counterparts. Kadence sharing her gold fish with Rix (in her new suit).
Rix all bundled up at the pool :) Love that little man!
We are so lucky to have such a fun family that is willing to travel so far to visit us. We always have such a great time together and can't wait to see them again when we make our visit north this Summer!