Saturday, March 27, 2010

Averi's Push-ups

Averi is still trying to master the art of crawling. Right now she is basically doing push-ups.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Dougie!!

For Doug's birthday we....

We went to the Jazz vs Suns game on Fri. It was really fun even though our Jazz stunk it up! This is us at the Jazz game. Thats right, that a wall behind us...we were in the very last row. STILL fun though! :)
We went to a Reds Pre-Season baseball game with Samara and Brax on Sat. Here is Lil Avers all geared up for the WARM weather we had for the game (and Brax in the background...stupid Walgreens lost the rest of the pics I took there...ugh!)
Had a bbq in the park across the street with some friends and got a little beach volleyball goin! Then came home and opened presents. Doug was nice enough to let Averi help open them. :)

Happy Birthday Doug (I won't divulge your age!)
I Love you!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Quite the weekend :)

This weekend...

I re-did (if that's a word) the guest bedroom. The previous owners treated the walls like cork boards so there were holes EVERYWHERE (as well as duct tape residue). I had been meaning to do this pretty much since we moved in but of course, 8 months later, I am just now getting to it. Here is a pic of one of the walls right after I spackled it. Every single white spot you see means there was at least a small cluster of holes. Then of course there is the awesome after picture!! :) ...I dunno why its crooked

We went out to dinner Fri night to Ruby Tuesdays with the Goodmans (in their new sweet ride!) I got to waltch Finding Nemo the whole way there and back!! :) This is the Averi and Braxton in their high chairs like big kids. They couldnt sit too close 'cause they kept flirting. haha.

Saturday was gorgeous so I hung out at the pool for a bit with Whitney and her cute lil babes. Ezra and Avers are so cute together. Quinners and Sophie hit it off too ;) This was the first time that Averi got in the pool water. It was a little chilly so I kept it brief, even though she didn't seem to mind.

We went to the PBR on Saturday night (pro Bull Riding) with Trisha (old work bud), her bf Nick, and thier adorable tike Hayden. This is us in all our cowboy glory! Okay so we're a bunch of posers, big deal. I do give Nick props though for growing out his mustache for it! haha. awe man.

Sunday Avers got little sick with a cold. Probably our fault...see above! She seems to be feeling a little better now though.

This is just a pic of Averi trying to show off her TWO pearly whites!

Friday, March 12, 2010


little miss dramatic...

We actually got some rain in Phoenix last weekend and a lot of it! The park in front of our house fills up with water when it rains so there was a big pond all weekend. There were a few cute lil' ducks that Averi and I really wanted to feed. We all bundled up (it has been relatively cold here recently) and went outside to feed them. But of course they flew away at the first sight of us. So we just got some pics anyways.
These are just some adorable pics of Avers in her Spring attire!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Averi's new high chair

I finally broke down and bought a high chair. ($25 at Ikea...can't beat that!) Here she is showing off her eating skills as well as her new sun hat. Im sure we will get a LOT of use out of when we start using the pool every day!