Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ready to pop!

Two weeks ago I took Averi with me to the Blue and Gold banquet that I helped with. It turned out really well but my favorite part (aside from all the yummy food and cake) was this adorable picture of Averi. It was a cowboy theme as you can see and she actually wore the hat for the picture which I was shocked by.

 Here is my last belly shot before I have to deliver this beach ball! I am definitely ready to meet her and see how cute she is but I'm also excited just do be DONE with pregnancy (at least for now!). I am 3cm dilated and am supposed to be called in to be induced tomorrow night but they are currently running behind on inductions so I am hoping I go into labor on my own like I did with Averi. Who knows what will happen...I just hope I have a relatively smooth delivery and that baby Kadence is healthy and happy! We love her already :)
Averi is excited to meet the baby too. She says "Kadence" so cute. If I ask her what the baby's name is, she says "Kanence" and it just melts my heart! Averi LOVES babies and I think she will adjust pretty well to the new addition. I was watching her on the monitor before she fell asleep for her nap today. She had her baby doll and was asking her (in this sweet tiny voice) "Baby, you want fruit 'nacks? You want crackers, baby? Okay!" Then she sang wheels on the bus to her and they both drifted off to sleep. :) 

Another funny "supposed-to-be-asleep" moment: I had to go to a doc apt one morning and she was still in bed. I checked her on the monitor to see if she was still asleep. She was awake and just reading a book and counting the pictures in it. Then I heard her start to repeat to herself "Don't rip it...Don't rip it" Then she actually looked back into the monitor (it seemed) and said "Don't rip it!" a third time. I was laughing so hard. It was like she was trying so hard to resist the urge to rip the book. I never saw her rip it. However, after I had already gone, Doug got her out of bed and found the book along with several small pieces of paper ripped from the cover. The little stinker just couldn't resist the urge.