Saturday, April 14, 2012

Moms to the rescue

After Kadence was born, my mom came out for a week to help out. Then after she left, Doug's mom Nancy came out to help. It was so fun to see them and of course it was great having all their help with the day to day things. I was able to have quite a few much needed naps :) Averi was in heaven for two weeks with all that attention she got! She definately loves her grandmas!
Averi and Grandma playing with her doodle pad
Averi helping make cookies. She loves doing that, especially with Grandma!
Kadence and Grandma
Kadence gets her first bath. Averi was quite interested. She hurried over to her play room and got her little chair to stand on so she could see better.
Nice and cozy
Me and the babe
Kadence fell asleep on me like this and I thought it was just too cute to not get a picture of.

Averi getting Nammy all ready for the pool with her sun hat and goggles.

Averi swimming with her best friend Ezra. The other day she actually prayed by herself before going to bed. Even though I couldn't understand most of it, I did hear her say "I love my friends". It was just so precious. Then the next night I heard her mention Ezra in her prayer. haha. So sweet.
Averi opening gifts from Nammy. Averi is such an expressive gift-opener. She gets so excited, I love it!

Averi loves to help out with baby Kadence. Here she is giving her some toys to play with :) Her self designated jobs lately are putting the binkie back in her mouth, and getting the diaper and wipes down for me when I am changing Kadence's diaper. If I am lucky, she will also throw the dirty diaper away for me.

I weighed Kadence the other day for her one month mark and she was 10 pounds 4 ounces. She is my little porker (compared to Averi anyways). I love it. However, I have to actually be careful when I pick her up that I dont pinch her back fat :)
I love this picture. Such a precious little girlie.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Second Birth Story

So I have been having issues with my blog but I think I finally figured it out so now I have some major catching up to do!....

On March 8th I was scheduled to be induced. Of course the hospital was too full and was backed up on their inductions (which was the case last pregnancy as well!). I knew it probably would be a few more days before they would call me so I was feeling a little discouraged. With the crazy back pain I was having throughout the second half of my pregnancy I was more than ready to be done and to sleep in a normal bed again (instead of the recliner). Since eating Panda Express last time I was in labor seemed to help things along, Doug suggested we go out to eat there that night. I ordered the sweet fire beef and the kung pao chicken :) It did get me to start contracting so afterwards we walked around the parking lot for a few minutes. Then the contractions slowed down and eventually went away. We went home and went to bed/couch. At about 5 am I woke up and my stomach was killing me. I felt like I was having horrible cramps or something. I stood up to go to the bathroom, and as I did I felt a very small (but definitely there) gush. Went to the bathroom to find that my undies were a little wet and also, not to gross anyone out, but there was a bright red little clot thing. It kinda freaked me out so I called the L&D and told them what happened. They said to keep walking around and if I kept leaking then to come in. I did that and I kept leaking but hardly. I was having very tiny and irregular contractions but I had those all throughout my pregnancy so I didn't know if that meant anything or not. I wasn't sure what to think and maybe I was scared to get my hopes up that I was truly in labor. So finally at about 6am I woke Doug up and told him what was going on. We decided that since we weren't 100% sure I was even in labor and since it was so early, that I would drive myself to the hospital (I know, I know, everyone thinks this is so weird). But I wasn't really in any pain and felt totally capable. Plus the hospital is only 10 minutes away. So At around 6:30am I arrived at the hospital and had so ask someone where I go if I think I am in labor. They checked me a few minutes later and found that it was, in fact, my water that had broken. YAY! I seriously wasn't even nervous at this point. I just wanted to get this baby out of me and to meet our little girl. I called Doug and told him the good news and I also texted some family and friends to let them know I was in labor.They asked me at what point I would want the epidural and of course my first thought is "why wait?!" so they got the anesthesiologist to come in right away. I got the epi before Doug had even got there. When he arrived (in a panic, thinking that I was going to be far along and upset that it took him so long) I was completely and utterly relaxed for the first time in nine months! I told him "I haven't felt this good in SO long!". :)

Now, at the women's clinic I had been going to, they make you see almost all the doctors in their practice instead of sticking with your own the whole time (so lame!) and there was one that I had met that I really didn't like. He just kind of creeped me out and I didn't want him to deliver me! I found out the week before that he would be on call in the hospital on the 9th starting at 5pm so I was kind of freaked out that my labor would be slow and that he would be the one to deliver me. I wanted them to give me pitocin to speed things along (it was a little slow starting off) but they never needed to and I guess the docs know best :) By noon I was dilated to a 6, by 2pm I was at a 7, and a little after 3pm I started pushing. Kadence Elaine DeGraw made her debut at 3:25pm March 9th 2012. The process was smooth and thanks to drugs, painless! She came out screaming which was music to our ears. She weighed in at 7lbs 2oz and 20 inches long. She had dark eyes, a little bit of dark hair and long eyelashes.

Giving my mom the low-down

Beautiful baby Kadence right after she came into the world

The official weigh-in. 7lbs 1.8oz

Averi meeting her new baby sister for the first time.

Welcome home baby!

Averi was a little bit stand-offish with her at first. She loved Kadence and was always very interested and gentle with her but she definitely became jealous of the attention she got.

Apparently Averi thinks she should still get to use the baby swing :)