Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Little Catching Up

Since I havent posted anything about us recently I better document the goings-on of the DeGraw family as of late...
  • Averi-  Loves to "count". And by that I mean that she says "two, wee, two, wee" over and over again (counting from 2 to 3). She absulutely refuses to say "one" and if we ask her to, it will go like this:
ME: "Averi, say one"
AVERI: "two"
ME: "no, Averi say one"
AVERI: "two"  ... And so on. I guess she is just used to hearing "two" come after "one". SHe hasnt learned anything besides 2 and 3 so I guess we can say that she can count from 2 to 3. haha.
  • Loves her blankets. She doesnt care what one she has but whenever I get her out of bed she HAS to take her blankie downstairs with her and she also loves to cart it around the house.
  • Still loves her babies. She is always asking me to change her baby's diaper because she is "poopy". She also wants me to help her swaddle her baby a lot and she always says thank you to me when I do. :) She likes to feed her baby and will make the chewing sound like she is really eating it.
  • If you ever ask her where something or someone is, 9 times out of 10 she will reply "mmmm, it up-ders" (upstairs). Then when you find it, she will say "there shee!" (there she is, there it is).
  • She LOVES Sophie and it's usually the first word out of her mouth when I get her out of bed. She wants to make sure I let Sophie out of her kennel so she can come downstairs with us.  She also gets the giggles when Sophie peeks over the edge of the bath tub while she is bathing, or if we blow bubbles at Sophie and she tries to bite them. Whenever we are leaving in the car to go somewhere, Averi always says "Bye, Sophie" and will repeat it over and over until I say it too. She also asks about her when we are getting ready to go back home in anticipation of seeing her again.
  • She LOVES her daddy and usually comes running towards him when he gets home from work giving him a big hug. Then she often runs around downstairs yelling "Dada! Dada!" hoping that he will chase her. She is quite the show off in front of him.
  • Averi will often refuse to walk when we are out and about and cry in one place until I cave in and pick her up (it's a good thing she's so little). So I still end up carrying her about everywhere, unless I have a stroller. When Doug is with us, however, she usually wants to walk, probably to show her daddy how grown up she is.
  • Her best friend lately is Ezra. He is her little boyfriend and she also asks about him a lot too. She will randomely say "Eza went bye bye" and gets so excited and hyper when she sees him. They are parteners in crime. A couple days ago we were over at his house and when we went upstairs to check on them, they were in the shower pumping shampoo into their hands and "washing" themselves and the shower walls. Averi's guilty concience kicked in when they got caught and she acted really worried. Ezra, on the other hand, thought he was pretty cool and was laughing it off. (see pics below)
  • Averi loves to sing and dance. Whenever we are in the car with the radio on, she will bob her head to the beat adn sometimes try to sing along. She loves to sing twinkle twinkle/ABS's. Can't really tell which since they have the same tune and she doesnt really know the words... although she does sing "Now I  ee I ee" which makes me think its "Now I know my ABCs"
  • Still pronounces "Love you" like: "I know". No clue why she does this but we think it is hilarious.
  • She is still the pickiest little eater. She would happily live off of ritz crackers, juice, and dry cereal if I let her (and maybe cheese). I have to get pretty creative to get her to eat any fruits or veggies. She likes apple sauce so I feed that to her every day and today I tried mixing in pureed squash. Luckily she didnt notice. That is my success story for the day. :)
  • Is enjoying life a little more since work has slowed down for the end of the summer.
  • Is enjoying football season and continues to root for BSU, BYU, etc.
  • Is excited to visit his parents in SLC next month! (and so am I!)
  • Is keeping busy with Scouts (8 year olds), making wreaths, and being a mom... the best job ever!
  • Is loving that it is starting to cool down (from 112 degrees to 105 degrees!) so that I can actually go on walks with Averi in the mornings.
  • Loves keeping up with the fall tv shows The Office, Parks and Recreation, and Modern Family.

Friday, September 23, 2011


My friend Whitney and I are starting our own wreath-making business (of sorts). It has ben fun working on these together and we are getting really good at it ;)  Anyway, here are some of our wreaths that we have for sale. They are all going for $30 (plus any appliciable shipping) They are very sturdy and can be used on the front door or anywhere inside...also great for gifts! If you cant tell from the pics, they are made with yarn (wrapped around a foam ring) and the flowers are hand made out of felt. They are really cute when hung with ribbon but also look great with just a wreath hook. They are all about 12 inches in diameter (the top right one is more like 14 inches)
 A close-up of some of the flowers:
Just let me know if you are interested in purchasing :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fake Laugh

Averi started doing this hilarious fake laugh all on her own a while back. Now we beg her to do it on command and sometimes we get lucky :)