Friday, September 23, 2011


My friend Whitney and I are starting our own wreath-making business (of sorts). It has ben fun working on these together and we are getting really good at it ;)  Anyway, here are some of our wreaths that we have for sale. They are all going for $30 (plus any appliciable shipping) They are very sturdy and can be used on the front door or anywhere inside...also great for gifts! If you cant tell from the pics, they are made with yarn (wrapped around a foam ring) and the flowers are hand made out of felt. They are really cute when hung with ribbon but also look great with just a wreath hook. They are all about 12 inches in diameter (the top right one is more like 14 inches)
 A close-up of some of the flowers:
Just let me know if you are interested in purchasing :)


JPK said...

cute! You should sell them at a holiday house or boutique~

Clarissa and Darrin said...

I love the wreaths, they are super adorable and awesome.

M&M said...

You guys are so talented! I need to figure out which one I want.