Sunday, March 23, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

The girls woke up tp a special valentine surprise and we had pink heart shaped pancakes for breakfast.

 Averi had dance that morning so she got all sorts of sugary treats from her friends there. Afterwards, we met some friends at the park and ate more food!

 Valentine's Sunday

Grandma and Grandpa!

My parents came down for a visit in February (like they did last year) and we had a blast as usual. The first night we went to a Utah Valley Univ vs Grand Canyon Univ basketball game that Doug got a special invite to (being an alumni). We even got some free food and goody bags!

Kadence and her crazy parents

Averi just enjoyed getting to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa.

Bed time stories with Grandma
Bed time puzzle with Grandpa
After dance on Friday, us girls went to the Tanger Outlets and did some shopping. Averi always enjoys riding the rides that are a total rip-off. But who could say no to that face?!
Kadence feeding her blackberries to her baby.
We have a good friend that got sealed to her husband that week so we were able to go to that. Averi and Kadence hung out on the temple grounds with G and G. Averi was entranced with all the "princesses" that were there that day (brides).
We went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse afterwards and kept entertained while we waited.
Averi being silly on her play ground after church
On Monday we went to the open house for the Gilbert temple. It was amazing and gorgeous but man, we waited a long time!
... and waiting ...
It was pretty cool to be able to take the girls through the temple with me!
After the temple, we went to a Subway and grabbed some food and then drove by my parents friends' house that live in Gilbert. They weren't home so

We had bagels for dinner on the playground and then we went to the Daynes for FHE and Dessert.
Thanks for the visit! We miss you already1!