Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Our friends managed to talk Doug into doing a sprint Triathalon with them in Litchfield Park over the weekend. He won first place! Okay maybe not but he did finish without dying which definately deserves props! He even admits he had fun doing it and I had fun cheering him on and watching the kiddos.

We were trying to teach Averi to say "I love you" the other day and for some reason it always comes out as "I know". Haha. I guess I will take that.

On Saturday we went to a petting zoo that was INSIDE a mall. There were goats, piglets, bunnies, chickens, and even a donkey and a sheep. Averi was in Heaven! She really could have stayed in there all day :) Then we went on to see the Easter Bunny and that she was NOT so thrilled about. I figured she would be nervous but she was truly terrified! Looking at the bunny though, I cant say I blame her. He was cute but just the whole concept of a human-like giant rabbit is a little freaky.

See the look of terror on her face? She was not about to go near him.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Indians, Pies, and one naughty girl

Last week we went to a Indians spring training game at the ballpark by our house. It was a little colder than anticipated so we didn't stay for the whole game but we had a fun.

Averi is unfortunately going through a "difficult" phase where she enjoys throwing tantrums over nothing (from what I can tell, anyways) and is just overall a lot less easy to please. I sometimes find myself thinking "what happened to my easy laid-back baby girl?" Many times she will fight me about getting into her car-seat and I will have to force down her little hips while she is screaming just to get the buckle on. Here she is in the car all happy because she thinks I am not going to make her get in her seat. :)

I just thought she looked cute here because she looked like she was posing while eating her lunch.

We had a ward party on Saturday night. Doug participated in two competitions, both of which involved dessert food. Here a pic of hime trying to blow a bubble out of gum hidden in a pile of whipped cream. He also did the dessert eating contest and almost threw up. :)

A beautiful rainbow after a rainy weekend.