Monday, April 11, 2011

Indians, Pies, and one naughty girl

Last week we went to a Indians spring training game at the ballpark by our house. It was a little colder than anticipated so we didn't stay for the whole game but we had a fun.

Averi is unfortunately going through a "difficult" phase where she enjoys throwing tantrums over nothing (from what I can tell, anyways) and is just overall a lot less easy to please. I sometimes find myself thinking "what happened to my easy laid-back baby girl?" Many times she will fight me about getting into her car-seat and I will have to force down her little hips while she is screaming just to get the buckle on. Here she is in the car all happy because she thinks I am not going to make her get in her seat. :)

I just thought she looked cute here because she looked like she was posing while eating her lunch.

We had a ward party on Saturday night. Doug participated in two competitions, both of which involved dessert food. Here a pic of hime trying to blow a bubble out of gum hidden in a pile of whipped cream. He also did the dessert eating contest and almost threw up. :)

A beautiful rainbow after a rainy weekend.

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M&M said...

Now she looks WAY too sweet in that picture for me to believe she throws tantrums! :) I love her dinner pose and good job Doug! I want to find out where I can participate in a dessert eating contest!