Monday, January 25, 2010

The Break!

We went home to Utah for Christmas then on to Boise for New Years (and of course the Fiesta Bowl...GO BSU!)
Averi meets Santa for the first time. She loved him!Averi hanging out with her cuz Macy with Nammy's supervision (not that she needed it!)
Averi and her cute cuz Kenley
Doug and Mike workin up a sweat playing foozball The Snowman that my dad and Doug made. It was so awesome that it deserved a spotlight.

Averi eating Kenley's hand.
"Is anyone going to DO something about this?!
Me, Maria, and the babies (I'm holding Kenley, Maria's holding Aves)
Averi eating lunch in her bumbo. I know there is a lot on the spoon! I guess thats just the way I roll.
Averi doing her daily crunches. She does them
all day long and has the abs to prove it... wish it would rub off on me!Averi NOT acting impressed by Kenley
Avers hangin out with her cousin Kylie
Averi got the giggles over Nammy's game of Peek-a-boo