Friday, February 26, 2010

Too Cute!

Just a cute pic of the lil' tad pole takin a bath. Awe man, I can't get enough of her! Doug's lil' Valentine. We took her out to dinner with us the weekend of Valentine's Day. She looked a lot more festive than either of us! Sweat suits with hearts all over them just look cuter on babies I guess. Doug is such a cute dad. Last night he got home after his flag football game and Averi was already asleep. He asked me if he could wake her up and bring her to bed with us! haha, yeah right. I cant blame him though...just look at those innocent blue eyes!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quick notes...

So I dont really feel like making some big elaborate post... However I DO want to mention (more for my own record keeping than anything else) that Averi is now sitting up like a pro! I was beginning to think that she was never going to sit up since she had no interest in it and would always straighten her legs when I tried to get her to sit. But it only took her a few days and now she's awesome at it!

She also got a tooth!!! Its so weird to me but its true. It's not really even noticeable yet but I can feel it and after a few sleepless nights, she FINALLY got it to come through. YAY! (only like twenty more!!)

My parents have also left on their mission and are safe and sound in the land down under! I miss them already but I cant wait to hear about all their adventures. :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

So I haven't been updating as well as I should so I am playing catch up. Things that have taken place in the last couple weeks:

1. Doug's mom Nancy came to help out with Averi for two weeks in January. It was SOOO fun having her here and she was a huge help. Doug got promoted to Branch Manager with Ecosure recently so I put in my two weeks as manager for ALC. During the two weeks that our jobs overlapped "Nammy" took over the babysitting and household duties. It was GREAT! We had delicious home cooked meals every day, free babysitting, and most importantly... a shopping buddy! We loved having her here and miss her already.

2. Since stepping down from working full time I put hardware on all my cabinets/drawers in the kitchen. I was under the impression that this should be a half day (or less) project. Wrong. Four days and three broken drill bits later, I finish. Turns out maple is about the hardest wood out there. I learn something new every day.

3. I got a calling. Doug has been the Assistant Cub Scout Master (Or should I say Assist
TO the Cub Scout Master) for a few months now but they just called me to be the Sunday school teacher for the 5 and 6 year olds. They are so so cute and of course say some pretty funny things which I will be making note of on the blog as they come. :)

4. Averi turned 6 months old and learned to roll over. Yay! Her other tricks include:

1. yelling/babbling - She is especially good at this while in church, laying on the floor in the living room while I'm making dinner, in the morning before I get her out of her crib and, well, pretty much any other time except when she is tired. She is a noisy little thing. I love it!

2. walking - with her hands held of course!

3. Dancing in her ExcerSaucer (see video)

4. Barfing - any time of day really. Doesnt need to be right after a meal.
5. Eating cereal and baby food. She loves it but often gets distracted by the dog, her Bumbo seat, or anything else that she can see/touch/hear/grab/etc.
6. She has mastered the art of being bashful. When someone talks to her, she will smile and bury her head into by shoulder. It is so stinkin cute!
7. Crunches - She has been practicing Pilates since she was about 3 months old. She will sit in a perfect V formation with her torso and legs up. She does this constantly (hence the frequent spitting up) and has abs of steele. In the morning sometimes I will watch her on the monitor and she will be lifting her head up to look into the camera as if to say "Hey, I'm up. You gonna come get me or what?" Makes me laugh every time.