Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quick notes...

So I dont really feel like making some big elaborate post... However I DO want to mention (more for my own record keeping than anything else) that Averi is now sitting up like a pro! I was beginning to think that she was never going to sit up since she had no interest in it and would always straighten her legs when I tried to get her to sit. But it only took her a few days and now she's awesome at it!

She also got a tooth!!! Its so weird to me but its true. It's not really even noticeable yet but I can feel it and after a few sleepless nights, she FINALLY got it to come through. YAY! (only like twenty more!!)

My parents have also left on their mission and are safe and sound in the land down under! I miss them already but I cant wait to hear about all their adventures. :)

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M&M said...

Congrats on sitting and the tooth! No teeth here yet. We thought she had one earlier but it was just a pearl tooth. . . can't explain the night waking and bad mood at that time. I guess it was just a preview of what it will really be like when she gets a real tooth!