Saturday, April 14, 2012

Moms to the rescue

After Kadence was born, my mom came out for a week to help out. Then after she left, Doug's mom Nancy came out to help. It was so fun to see them and of course it was great having all their help with the day to day things. I was able to have quite a few much needed naps :) Averi was in heaven for two weeks with all that attention she got! She definately loves her grandmas!
Averi and Grandma playing with her doodle pad
Averi helping make cookies. She loves doing that, especially with Grandma!
Kadence and Grandma
Kadence gets her first bath. Averi was quite interested. She hurried over to her play room and got her little chair to stand on so she could see better.
Nice and cozy
Me and the babe
Kadence fell asleep on me like this and I thought it was just too cute to not get a picture of.

Averi getting Nammy all ready for the pool with her sun hat and goggles.

Averi swimming with her best friend Ezra. The other day she actually prayed by herself before going to bed. Even though I couldn't understand most of it, I did hear her say "I love my friends". It was just so precious. Then the next night I heard her mention Ezra in her prayer. haha. So sweet.
Averi opening gifts from Nammy. Averi is such an expressive gift-opener. She gets so excited, I love it!

Averi loves to help out with baby Kadence. Here she is giving her some toys to play with :) Her self designated jobs lately are putting the binkie back in her mouth, and getting the diaper and wipes down for me when I am changing Kadence's diaper. If I am lucky, she will also throw the dirty diaper away for me.

I weighed Kadence the other day for her one month mark and she was 10 pounds 4 ounces. She is my little porker (compared to Averi anyways). I love it. However, I have to actually be careful when I pick her up that I dont pinch her back fat :)
I love this picture. Such a precious little girlie.


M&M said...

DARLING pictures!!!! That last dress could totally be a blessing dress. Love it! And that is so cute that she said her own prayer. I'm super impressed! Oh and I'm way jealous of that swimming!!!

Jill said...

Porker? Yeah right. She is still so tiny and cute and I know she loves me already. At least I am funneling all my love at her, and some is bouncing back. That is kind of the same thing.