Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Dougie!!

For Doug's birthday we....

We went to the Jazz vs Suns game on Fri. It was really fun even though our Jazz stunk it up! This is us at the Jazz game. Thats right, that a wall behind us...we were in the very last row. STILL fun though! :)
We went to a Reds Pre-Season baseball game with Samara and Brax on Sat. Here is Lil Avers all geared up for the WARM weather we had for the game (and Brax in the background...stupid Walgreens lost the rest of the pics I took there...ugh!)
Had a bbq in the park across the street with some friends and got a little beach volleyball goin! Then came home and opened presents. Doug was nice enough to let Averi help open them. :)

Happy Birthday Doug (I won't divulge your age!)
I Love you!

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M&M said...

You guys know how to celebrate!!!!! Happy Birthday Doug! Averi looks just darling and you are right. . . we do have the same umbrella stroller.