Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mom and Dad come!

My mom and dad went to Vegas for the Rodeo Finals and were sweet enough to drive the extra 5 hours to come see us! It was SO fun to hang out with them even if it was only for a day (and a hlaf). I was AMAZED at how much they (my dad in particular) was able to accomplish in just one day! So much so that I had to add a post about it.
1-He went with Doug to buy a new tire (I hit a curb and busted a tire. Drove on a doughnut for over a week!)
2- Replaced a headlight that was out (I got pulled over the night before. Luckily I got a nice cop and he didnt ticket me) as well as fix the internal lights.
3-Put up a ceiling fan in our bedroom. Anyone who has no experience with ceiling fans... its much more complicated than you might think!
4- Put up a light fixture in Averi's room. We had been using a lamp until then.
5- Put up a clock that my mom got me forever ago.
We also went to the Nativity Festival again with them which was really fun!
Doug and I are both so greatful for their help and support. I will miss them when they leave for Austrailia in January.


M&M said...

If there is someone that can get a lot of projects done quickly. . . it is dad! Sounds like you guys had a blast. I love hearing all about Averi from mom. She sounds just adorable.

Jed and Amanda said...

Oh my gosh your picture at the top of your profile is so cute!! I love it! Also the picture of Averi on the side! When did you get those done? I absolutely love them. You sure are an attractive bunch :) They look perfect!

Matt said...

OH don't you love parents! Every time matt's parents come up they check off a whole lot of "need to do's" off our list! Your baby is so cute...this is Jenna by the way! I'm too lazy to sign off of matt's name!