Saturday, December 19, 2009

Glendale Glitters

Last night we went to Glendale Glitters for the first time. It is basically a festival of Christmas lights, music, dancing, crafts, entertainment, and most importantly... FOOD! We went straight from work so of course I forgot a hat for Averi. We had to improvise with a burp cloth. haha she looked like a little pilgrim or something. She was really quiet and wide-eyed the whole time (as you can see).


M&M said...

That sounds SO fun!!!! And I LOVE the video of Averi's first food. So hilarious! She is pretty advanced. Kenley is too small for solids yet.

Tyler & Katie Rice said...

So, i hope you check this fairly often because I don't think I have your current phone #. My sister is looking into aesthetics school and I want some info from you- Did you like Bon Losee? How much did it cost? How long was your program? How easy was it to find a job after? How much were you making? Do you think she (my sister) could be successful? Geez ... I know its a lot and that it is personal, but any info I could pass along would be helpful. You can blog it or email me at oh, and while I was home for Christmas I had to show my mom your blog to show her pictures of how cute Averi is and how much she looks like you. Okay ... thanks in advance!

Jess N Josh Brown said...

we never got together...sad : (! Glad I at least saw you at the mall and wedding! It was so crazy with the wedding sorry!! Hope you are well!