Monday, October 27, 2008


Doug and I went to our first ASU football game on Saturday courtesy of our friends Ryan and Jessica. We had phenomenal seats and the stadium was amazing.

Unfortunately the game itself was not so good. They played Oregon and got killed. Haha. Oh well. It was way fun anyways. The stadium is in Tempe, AZ which is about 30 mins east of our house.

We are really hoping that BSU will go to the Fiesta Bowl (in Glendale, az) again this year so that we will have lots of visiters come! ;)

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Tyler & Katie Rice said...

so, a real question for you. we are seriously trying to decide where we want to spend the next few years of our lives (in a place where a law school is located). we both seem to like tucson az pretty well. what are your thoughts? have you heard any good or bad things concerning tucson? what about az in general? thanks bunches!