Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Vacation!

Here are a few more pics (that I stole from Maria's blog) of Christmas in Boise

Adoring baby Jesus. I love when we act out the nativity. It is so sweet.
Doug and Mike got matching PJs so we couldnt resist getting a pic of the cute lil guys :)

Doug and I were able to go home (to Boise) for Christmas for a few days. We had a blast spending time with family that we hadn't seen in a while. ... More pictures to come...

Cardon, Stockton, Jody, Mike (and horses;)

Tyler and Caden - Wisemen in the blizzard

Old school hookie-bobbin! (Christmas tradition)

Napoleon ("Nappy") basking in his glory as the only cat allowed indoors.
Mica - Begging for attention


Tyler & Katie Rice said...

i love your 'christmas tradition.' what did you guys do on years without snow. you should have called me. i would have loved ot have seen it.

Matt and Jenna said...

I LAUGHED SO HARD at the picture of whoever getting pulled behind the horse!!!!

M&M said...

Good times!!!!! It was so fun to get to spend time with you guys. We were sad to see you go. Hopefully we can update our blog someday soon.

Jill said...

Hello? How come I'm not even on your blog list?!?

Do you ever make it to Utah? Where's Doug from again? If you're ever around we need to go vandalize some bikes or 'float' some canal! Maybe even try to get our song-writing careers to take off!

Jill said...

Thanks, I feel much better now!

Clarissa and Darrin said...

I am sad that I go to Utah when you are in Boise and vice-versa. I remember going hookie-bobbin a few times with you, so much fun!!