Saturday, April 4, 2009

Go Diamondbacks!

Doug and I got great seats to a D-backs game last night at Chase Field. It was amazing seeing the action up so close! I was a little upset that the kid in front of us got the fly ball instead of us though ;)


Clarissa and Darrin said...

That looks like fun, Darrin and I were able to go to an Angels game and loved it. I love your belly, you are so cute.

Anonymous said...

fun! Come to Salsa fest and eat salsa with me and Brax.
You're such a cute prego. I'm excited for avery to get here and we can be moms together. and (doug) you and eddie can be dads together hehe. We need to go eat outback it sounds good to me now too, I cant get away with "cravings" anymore though it's just being fat haha.

Chris said...

Ok this has nothing to do with your blog, but I didn't have your email. I just copied and pasted the email I sent out. Let me know when you get this.

Hello all,

Yes here is yet another email. I am begging now for some more stories, memorys or pictures of Chris that I can make into a book for him for his birthday. Please, please please, try and send me something as soon as you can. Even if it is just a short note with your appreciation for him or qualities you like in him. Also I don't have contact info for everyone, so if you are a friend of Chris's and have contact info for some other friends you know could contribute please pass this on. If you are an aunt, uncle or cousin, please share it with the rest of your family. Martha and Chuck if you could please send this to some of the ward members Chris grew up with (Mungers, Betitas, Shumachers, Lewis, ect.) That would help a lot. I have to start puting the book together next month at the latest. So that it will be done and ordered in time for his birthday in July. Thank you thank you thank you

Remember this is a suprise so don't send my mandibell account anything. Send it to this account please!