Sunday, September 13, 2009

Trip to Boise!

Doug and I got to go to Boise last week to Bless Averi with her cute cousin Kenley and spend some time with family. We had so much fun and were sad to leave. My parents always make sure there is a greeting at the door for us when we visit, but since there were so many people coming, the door was a little plastered!

On our way to church to bless Averi

Averi all dolled up...
and ready to go! My mom and my sister and I (and the babies) went shopping, then out to dinner for my birthday at the Cheesecake Factory. It was loads of fun. Luckily they didn't sing to me! (and yes, they spelled my name wrong,...what's new) Doug back in his Wranglers to get his ridin' on! He is a true hick at heart.
Some cute pics of Averi and her adorable little cousin Kenley. We are pretty much planning on them being besties since they are only a week apart in age.


In their blessing dresses and oh so sweet

"What's the matter Kenley, talk to me?"

Payton, Macy, and cutie pie

Aunt Julie and smiling Averi

Just another cute pic of the bebe


Mandi said...

love it. Averi's dress is so cute. Cousins are awsome especially if you live close enough to do things together. How's you hair working out? When was your birthday?

Tyler & Katie Rice said...

Wow! and they look a lot alike! (averi and kenley). and you look great! so ... any mom-to-be tips for me?

Jed and Amanda said...

Randola...I don't know what you were talking about because you look fabulous! I love that last picture of Averi, she looks so cute. I can't wait for the girls to hang out and us too, it has been too long!