Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baby Doll

Averi can't NOT lay like this when she is drinking her bottle. Legs are always folded up like cute!
Sophie and Meiko are shedding lie crazy lately with Summer on its way. This is a little Meiko hair ball that flew onto Sophie's magnet-like nose.

Averi has discovered the "baby doll" (Thanks to "Aunt Kristy" for giving this to her for Christmas!). I think she thinks it is a real life person. It's so cute because she is always really interested in it and wants to touch its face and hands.


M&M said...

I seriously can't wait to see her! She is just so darling and is getting so big! I love that she loves her dolly. I remember you having several dolls you were attached to.

Jed and Amanda said...

Averi is so pretty! She looks more and more like you and Doug both every day :) I love being able to see her growing up and how cute she is. Rory is going to love her! Which brings me too...DL AUG 2011 be there or be square.