Saturday, November 27, 2010

Doug and I took Averi on her first trip to the zoo on Friday. We went to the WildLife World Zoo which is actually right by our house and is the most amazing zoo. They let you get up really close to the animals (the Rhino pics are NOT zoomed in). We also got to see a lion having a full on conversation with his neighbor the white tiger. They were roaring like crazy. Then we saw the kangaroos. I was really excited to get a taste of Austrailia since my parents are there. We saw a momma kangaroo eating grass with her cute little joey's head popping out of her pouch and nibbling on some grass as well. SO Sweet! We also got to feed the giraffes which was amazing. They are so adorable. We were too cheap to buy the girraffe food though and tried to sneak them some of Averi's cheerios and they didn't seem to like them very much. Our camera died before we left so I missed some good picture opportunities. For instance we took Averi to the petting zoo area and most of the goats and deer (or whatever they were) were sleeping. Averi would squat down next to them, open her mouth, and try to kiss them. It was SO cute. We fed the rejected cheerios to the goats who LOVED them. One of them even stole Averi's NutriGrain bar right out of her hand. She didn't seem to mind. Then we went on the the aquarium section and saw tons of crazy fish and got to pet the sting rays. Averi loved watching all the fish swim around. We all had a great time.

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M&M said...

You guys are just having so much fun!!! That zoo looks amazing! We will have to take the girls there next time we come. The cotton is crazy too.