Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Our ward had a chilli cook-off and combined trunk-or-treat celebration on Saturday night. I tried a new recipe that I found online for pumpkin chilli and took third place. I got an apron that says "so so" on it. Pretty funny. Averi went as a leopard kitty since "kitty" was her first word (even though she doesn't even really say it anymore!). Since I had just gotten back in town and we were both busy with other things, we weren't going to bother dressing up. Then about twenty minutes before we had to leave, I informed Doug that we WERE going to dress up. :) So we rounded up some stuff we already had and this is what we came up with... I was a golfer, and he was a baseball player. Kinda random but it works. Here are some cute pics of Averi with some of her buddies.

Notice Averi's "hand-to-the-mouth" nervous expression in most of these pics. Silly girl.

Averi won a Halloween pencil at the Bean Bag Toss. It was so cute to see her catch on to what she was supposed to do.
Sunday night was little more laid back. We stayed home and handed out candy. Then once Averi went to bed, Doug and I watched The Forgotten outside on the patio.


M&M said...

You all look so cute! I love that Doug's baseball outfit includes shin guards. Good job on the whiskers!

M&M said...

PS- Congrats on the chili! I might have to get the recipe from you since my chili got last at our chili cook-off and the pumpkin chili I made didn't taste like pumpkin! I want to see a pic of that apron. Sounds hilarious!

Jed and Amanda said...

Impressive with your chili. I would like to try that. Averi is so cute dropping the bean bag. It is so funny to hear that you watched a movie on the patio. There is NO WAY we could do that here, we would freeze! It would definitely be a nice time to visit :)