Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankgiving and a little mischeif

Averi loves to get into things lately. Here is the proof:
She always climbs into her toy storage baskets and sometimes gets stuck and I have to come rescue her.
Then the other day I was cleaning upstairs and noticed Averi was nowhere to be seen. I went into the spare bedroom and she had climbed into her old baby swing and was just hanging out in it havin a grand ol' time. :)

Earlier that same day Averi climbed into her baby doll's crib and thought she was being so silly. It was adorable. After that she started panicking because she realized she was stuck.

Turkey Bowl!
Doug organized a group of guys to play football this morning. Averi and I (and Sophie, and a couple other people) cheered them on from the sidelines. After the game Averi had fun walking around in her new boots.
This is Averi saying "Owe". Everi time she falls, she says "owe" now. It's so cute!
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Averi LOVED watching the parade with me and sat there with me for half an hour totally mesmerized. Notice Doug's video game station in the back. :)
Dinner: I decided to cook a turkey breast this year instead of a whole turkey. I vowed I wouldn't EVER do that again after trying to do it two years ago and dry-heaving the whole time I was preparing it. Sick. Dinner turned out really good and we have leftovers for at least a week!
Averi "helping" me make the pies and chowin down on leftover turkey.

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M&M said...

Averi's mischief is so cute and so hilarious! I can't believe she got herself into her swing!!! Her Happy Green Bee clothes look so cute!!! And it looks like you made a delicious feast. Yum!!!!