Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years, etc.

For New Years Eve, we went to a brazillian dinner and samba dance that our friends the Taylors found out about. I was a little skeptical if I was going to have fun since I have no direct ties to Brazil but it ended up being really fun and Doug and I learned some new dance moves thanks so the random other couple at our table :)

On New Years Day we watched some football with friends (dont ask me who was playing or who won ;) Here are the kiddos playing during the game. Averi is giving Quin some tips on how to win with the DS.
Averi still LOVES books! Today after playing outside, she grabbed her favorite book and a blankie, and plopped right down on the floor and started studying. Averi will often get a book or flash cards, bring them over to me (or Doug...whoever is available at the moment) , and sit in my lap expecting to be read to. I love it!
Here is Averi thinking she is pretty cool trying on Doug's hat. She hates hats or bows and refuses to wear them but for some reason she thought Daddy's hat was pretty sweet.


M&M said...

What a fun New Years!!!! Seriously sounds so fun. Who was Averi with? I love that she loves books! Kenley's attention span is pretty short so I make it through about 2 pages at a time.

Clarissa and Darrin said...

How fun, dancing for New Years! I would love that. We miss you!!!!!