Thursday, February 24, 2011

5K Fun

okay maybe it wasn't exactly fun. It was while I was running, in fact, that I actually confirmed to myself that I really do hate running. But after the race we had fun because we got all sorts of goodies and got to relax.
me, whit, and her sis-in-law. Me trying to act like I am having fun
Other things that we did last week include: Valentine's Dinner at the WigWam Resort, Doug got to go to the Suns vs. Jazz game (he had a blast even though the Jazz lost), I helped with the Blue and Gold Banquet for scouts, had a girl's night out at Olive Garden for Megan's birthday.


M&M said...

That actually does look kind of fun. . . maybe because I haven't run in so long. Your week sounds super fun! And just so you know, I would WAY rather go out for Valentines than make a dinner but Mike didn't get home until so late. And the dinner I made was SUPER easy! I should send you the links if you ever need to make something like that.

Ryan and Jessica said... can't run 5K's in jeans dude.

Jed and Amanda said...

I am very impressed Randi! You look great :)