Saturday, February 5, 2011

Science Center

Whitney and I took the kids to the Science Center last week. A lot of it was a little over their heads but they still had fun. Unfortunately it seems that Averi is returning to her head-stong and irrational days like she was a few months back. That should explain why she is one the floor crying in this picture. I love the look on Quin and Ezra's faces. They were both looking at me like "Are you going to do anything about your crazy kid?!"
Other things we have been up to include: Averi's friend Caleb's birthday party, Doug working at the bishops' storehouse Saturday, my friend Lindsay's baby shower, ward temple night, getting a new microwave installed (which we may not have even needed in the first place...rather not talk about it!), and playing in the park.
This is just a cute video I took of Averi and her friend Kylee looking for the cat under the couch.

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M&M said...

The science center looks so fun and the screaming on the floor shot was so funny! I loved the video too! Makes me excited for the day when Kenley is a little more mobile because they are just so darn cute.