Friday, March 25, 2011

Utah trip!

We got the opportunity to go see Doug's family in Utah for a few days and get a big family portrait taken. We had such a fun time seeing everyone and catching up. Unfortunately Averi caught the bug I had just gotten over and she threw up all over the plane. Luckily it was right when we landed so it could have been much worse! It was only a 24 hour bug so she got over it quickly but then passed it on to Doug so he was sick Saturday night/Sunday. Makes me realize how much we take our health for granted. The pics turned out really cute I think. We are such a good looking family! :)

Averi still wasn't feeling 100% from being sick and hadn't gotten her nap yet so she was bawling throughout the whole secound round of pics. She is never very cooperative with pictures though so i went in with mediocre expectations :) What cute cousins Averi has!

We still cant find the camera but I got a few shots on my phone...
Some of us girls wen to a couple stores on Monday. Here is Averi sitting on a chair at the Quilted Bear... turns out it is a pretty cool store!
Averi warmed up to Josh pretty quick and fell right asleep in his lap during a basketball game. so cute.
I was able to go down to Provo to see my neices Kylie and Brooke. It was so fun to see them and catch up on things. We had a blast at the mall just being girls. Then I went out to lunch with my good friend Mikell which was fun, as always.

I was SOOO glad to be back to warmer weather so I took Aves to the pool in her adorable new suit. I just wanted to keep hugging and kissing her because she just looked so darn cute! :)


M&M said...

Ok. That swim hat is to die for!!! And I can't believe she wears sunglasses. Kenley won't anymore. That is fun that you got to see Kylie and Brooke. And the family picture is so cute! I would love to do that with our family but we haven't all been together since Nauvoo. . . and we have added some members since then. Hopefully we can all get together when mom and dad come home and get a full family picture. Looks like such a fun trip!

Candice said...

That little swimsuit is so cute and fashionable! I love it.