Thursday, January 17, 2013

Averi's First day of Primary!

I can't believe Averi is already out of nursery. Kinda sad but also fun. I was a little unsure how she was going to do with the change, but she actually was excited "to sing songs in primary". She sat next to her friend McKenna and didn't seem to even notice (or care) that I left.

Doug and I each peeked in on her to see her in Primary and Doug caught her and her friend Zach goofing off. They were leaning forward and then throwing their heads back. Sounds super fun! Anyway, her teacher told them to stop, so they did. But then Averi whispered to Zach and they did it again. Little stinker!


Jess N Josh Brown said...

What a doll. Pay back for being naughty when we were in primary/Sunday school!!! Remember how bad we were especially in your mom's class!? Oooo we were stinkers!! : ) We need to get to Boise at the same time. BEEN WAY TOO LONG!

JPK said...

I'm so glad Kaige is in Averi's class. Pretty sure they are the cutest batch of sunbeams that have ever lived.

M&M said...

SOOOOO cute! And lucky you that Averi actually stops when someone tells her to. I think I want to ask Kenley's teacher to take a picture of their class because that is just too cute.