Thursday, March 7, 2013

Grandma and Grandpa Hendricks

We were so lucky to have my parents come visit us for a few days at the beginning of the month. Of course the girls caught the flu right before they came so that part wasn't great. Averi got over it rather quickly but poor Kadence was still pretty grumpy/miserable most of the time they were here. But that didnt stop us from having SO much fun with them as always!
Here is my "mountain man" dad feeding Averi in the high chair like a baby. She was in heaven :)
My parents cleaned out their garage and brought back some of my old stuff. Most of it was just all my old model horses that I had a million of. I told Averi she could have them and when I would pull them out of the box one by one, Averi would act just as surprised and thrilled about each one. In hindsight, I should have used them as incentives or made her earn them or something. But oh well. She loves them!
 My mom and I HAD to take a trip to the mall so I took her to the new Tanger Outlets. I love shopping with her! We brought the kiddos (a risky move) and Averi enjoyed riding this rip-off of a ride that they have at the mall. Anything to see my little princess smile! haha, yeah right.
 Doug and I totally scored on getting this awesome swing set from a neighbor who was moving and couldnt take it with them. Only problem was that it was about a million pounds and we had to move it. Enter: ElRay. Doug and his friend Justin took it apart and got all the peices to our house, and then my dad helped us put it all back together. I was more work that we thought it would be but with his help and expertise, we got it done and it is an awesome addition to our yard!
Here is Averi on the swing for the first time. She was SO excited when she saw it and has had a blast with it.
Grandma pushing her on the swing
Me and Aves
My dad fixed the horse swing that he had made for Averi last year. She was thrilled to get re-aquainted with it.
Nakie Kadence with Grandma. She is such a cute chubby little bubby wubby that I wanna pinch. I don't know why she isn't scared of me ;)
Of course no visit from Grandma is complete without a tea party! Here we are enjoying some delicious finger food in the sun.


JPK said...

totally jealous you have your very own park in your backyard.

Katie R said...

I've never seen your dad with a beard. Weird. :) I sure like your fam.

M&M said...

Looks like such a fun trip. And I still can't believe you scored that amazing swingset for free!!!