Monday, April 22, 2013

Moab Canyonlands!

A few months ago me and my sisters decided that we were all going to run the Canyonlands Half Marathon in Moab. That day finally came on March 16. It was SO much fun getting to do this with my sisters who are all awesome. We got to stay in Jody's camper which was super fun and saved us money. This is a shot of the inside of it...its more like a house to me! Maria and Jody are trying to figure out the computer in this picture. We were all excited to watch a movie at night and then found out that the computer was screwed up somehow and wouldnt let us. We still, however, stayed up way too late gabbing like us girls do!
Me, Maria, and Kristy ended up running the last part of the race together so we got this action shot... yes we are actually running in this pic. 

The scenery was gorgeous. So much red rock!
A shot of the top four finishers:
Ok maybe not but we are still hot!
After the race, we shopped and ate (a lot) and stayed up til like 4am or something ridiculous. Then we went to sacrament meeting and parted ways. I drove home by myself (boo), and they drove to Logan all together, then Kristy and Maria drove on to Boise. On the way home, I got within like 3 miles of running out of gas before I finally came across a gas station. Scary! Guess I have been spoiled by the conveniences of a big city. Plus I'm an idiot :)
We have decided that we are going to keep up the tradition of getting together every year and I can't wait till the next time!


M&M said...

Seriously the best weekend! I LOVED running the race with you. I was thinking later about how I enjoyed the entire 13.1 miles. Can't wait for next year!

J.Henke said...

Remember the time we watched a movie in a tent on the floor of a closet in a trailer on a freezing cold night in Moab... ? Glad you and your sisters could get out & run together!