Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I am finally getting around to finishing our trip over the summer. Me and the girls were able to go on to Boise for a week after leaving California. It is always fun spending time there with family and all the cute creatures that dwell there :)
Here is Kadence wearing in the antique high chair at my parents house. She kept standing up so I tried to tie her in using a belt. That didn't work either.
 Hamming it up for the camera. She loved hanging out on this couch.
 Of course the first thing Averi wanted to do when we woke up in the morning was go visit the ponies and feed them carrots...
 Then on to a horse ride with Grandpa!
 She is a natural!

 Kadence... not so much. She actually liked it okay when I rode with her but without me she was a wreck. At least I know I am loved!
 We went to the farmer's market in Eagle on morning. There was an artist there with a ton of painting of dogs. Kenley and Averi spent 20 minutes debating and discussing which ones they liked the best.
 Then they played in the fountain!

Baby Rix showed off his standing skills for us too.
We polished off the morning with a trip to the candy store for some ice cream...Can't beat that!
 Another horse ride...this time in the company of her best friend/cousin Kenley
 Then it was Kadence and Rix's turn. Once again Kadence expressed her disapproval.
 This picture should be on the cover of a Young Rider Magazine!
 No trip to Grandma's house would be complete without a tea party in princess dresses. After a very extravagant and delicious tea party on the screened porch, Averi and Kenley had some fun on the lawn looking gorgeous! 
 Does NOT get cuter than that!
 Grandpa had to come and add a little more excitement to their party so they rode him like a bronco for about 30 minutes.
 After Averi had her crazy-fix, she sat with the rest of us and enjoyed watching Kenley get bucked around!
 This girl LOVES her grandma!
 I just had to get a picture of Averi in her dress playing in my dad's office while he was working on the computer. Averi didn't seem to mind that Grandpa was busy. She played just fine by herself right next to him!
 Reading stories with Grandma
 The girlies checkin out the horses getting ready for a REAL ride.

 Off we go!
 We went up in the foothills nearby. Always a fun and relaxing time.
Church was great on Sunday and Averi actually walked right into their primary!  I was told by her teacher that she didn't say a word but at least she went! Kadence was loud as usual so I ended up having to take her outside for a bit. I love her in this green dress! That baby is so cute, I can't stand it!
On Averi's actual birthday we had yet another party at the Natatorium swimming pool/hydro tube. Lucky for us, the Cobbs were able to meet us there. Caden and Tyler tried really hard to get Averi to like them and finally succeeded. She loved playing with them in the kiddie pool and going down the slide with them. 
 Kadence wanted to make sure we didn't leave behind the soda. That girl is so strong!
Kadence was completely content sitting on her chair licking frosting off her plate and fork.
 We decided to make pedicures a tradition! The girls got to watch their movies while we all got our toes painted.
 This nail salon always has treats for the kids which is awesome. But for some reason they thought it would be a good idea to give them store bought cupcakes with an inch of bright green frosting on them. Needless to say they were covered in green by the time they were done! I'm guessing it was worth every bite to them though!
 Pretty toes
 After pedicures, we went to the Gap to shop the sales. The girls had fun hiding behind the clothes and you can see. The sales clerks definitely hated us and kept giving us funny looks because we were letting them be pretty crazy. Oh well! They had fun!
 The next day I took Kadence with me to the Deseret Book store to get a couple things. She didn't want to leave the treat window and just kept walking back and forth eyeing all the fudge. Like mother like daughter I guess!
 Me, m mom, and Maria decided to take the girls to Target for pictures since it was so close to their birthdays. Of course my girls were totally uncooperative and wouldn't smile for the camera. Kadence actually just cried from beginning to end. But of course when we went out to lunch afterwards Averi was all smiles...go figure!
 After lunch we went back to Gap to scope out the clothes that Maria and I had hidden in the store the day before (since they wouldn't let us put them on hold!).
 The kids enjoyed playing and hiding under one of the tables. Once again, the sales people loved us, I'm sure.
 Kadence and Rix had some quality bonding time as well.
 Jumping on the trampoline!
 Ring around the rosies.
 Taking turns pushing each other on the "whirly bird".
 Grandma's gorgeous cat Mitt
 Two exhausted kiddos
 We miss everyone already and cant wait to visit again!

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