Sunday, June 13, 2010

Peter Piper Pizza! , and then some

We took Avers on her first trip to Peter Piper Pizza Saturday night. Daddy won her a braclet and an army guy. We debated playing through the night to try and win her the Hannah Montana notebook for only 2,000 tickets... but decided against it! :)
Averi's new tricks:
-Nervous laugh
-Growing her second set of top teeth... the first one came through, the second one is on its way
Sophie got spayed on Friday too... :( She is recovering well though, dont worry!
We also just took a perfecly good clothes dryer from the street and replaced our squeeky one with it. Gotta love stuff from the curb.

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M&M said...

I can't believe someone left a perfectly operating dryer out!!! What great luck for you guys. . . although I would miss thinking that I was hearing nighttime crickets. I want to see a video of Averi "cruising."