Friday, July 23, 2010

Babies do the cutest things...

At least MINE does! :)

Averi has been pretty whiny the past few days but this morning was a nice change of pace. She is just so adorable. I was doing the dishes a couple hours ago while Averi was playing with some toys in the living room. I began wondering why she wasnt in my face wanting to "help" me do the dishes like she usually is. I looked over to see what mischeif she was up to but all I could see from my angle was that she was standing hunched over on the seat of the couch totally enthrawled by something. My first thought was that she was calling people on my cell phone or something. I walked a little closer to see that she was reading her Dr.Suess alphabet book and actually turning the pages taking time to digest the information on the pages. I watched her for a minute wishing I had the camera in hand. no luck ... just trust me... it was SO precious.

Then a little later, I decided to spy on her while she was playing with her baby doll. She had her baby and a bib in hand. For about 10 or 15 mins she would put the bib over her baby (I guess maybe like a blanket or something) and then just look at it and giggle to herself. Then she would take the bib back off and give her baby a hug or just look at it a minute. She would then put the bib back on her baby and giggle all over again. I wish I was as easily amused!

Here are some pics of Averi with her first birthday presents (Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Hendricks!!) and her playing with Sophie. They are good little buds.

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M&M said...

Those stories are SOOOOOOOOO stinkin cute! What a doll! And I'm glad you opened mom and dad's present so we can talk about it. I think the outfit totally looks like something from Naartje and then I remembered that Naartje is a New Zealand brand. I LOVE it!!! Wish we could get twin pictures of the girls!