Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lazy-fun weekend for Aves

Saturday evening we decided to bring the air mattress downstairs so we could watch movies all night. I decided to leave it there for a few days (w/t, I know) just because Averi LOVES it so much. She is totally content to hang out on the mattress and play with her toys all afternoon. It is so cute (not to mention easier on me having her stay in one place!).

Averi's buddy Ezra also turned one and had a party at the pool on Sat morning. She had a great time. Although most of her time was spent by herself playing with the stroller...one of her favorite pastimes. :)

In other exciting news: We are getting our back yard landscaped! So far, the patio, curbing, and sprinklers are done. Looks great so far. I will be posting pictures of the final product. We cant wait to actually spend time outside when the weather cools down a bit.


Diana Hulme said...

she is SO cute. :)

M&M said...

How fun to have a slumber party downstairs!!!! She is darling and I love that she is so obsessed with the inflatable mattress. We miss you guys!

JH said...

Averi has it made. Looks like a cozy awesome playplace! She really is a doll, I'd love to meet her.

It's been foreva. I love keeping tabs on your blog! I do remember the time I slept on your porch :) and the new biz is a cleaning company - not entirely new, but now official and big enough to be called a legit business.

Peace and love to you, my dear!