Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Averi's First Year Accomplishments

Now that my little baby Avers is already a ONE year old, I better jot down some of her accomplishments and of course cute little trademarks as my memory is sure to fade!

  1. Crawls. If she is excited or being chased she crawls at mach ten speed!
  2. Cruises. Has even stood on her own a few times only momentarily but probably doesnt even know she did. Still no walking, but loves to climb the stairs... unfortunately.
  3. Does not walk solo yet but will use anything and everything to push around the house including the dining chairs, her high chair, storage baskets, toys, etc.
  4. Claps ranomely, but especially in her high chair and car seat. Lucky for me she is in a forward facing seat now so I get to enjoy her clapping performances in the rear-view mirror.
  5. Waves -Originally started as waving "night-night". Then turned into whenever I told her to say "hi", "bye", or "night - night", and now she hardly every does it anymore because clapping is just so darn fun.
  6. Has eight teeth. Four on top, four on bottom. Her top teeth hardly ever show though so people are always surprised whe I tell them she has that many.
  7. Absolutely adores her baby-dolls. She has one that looks pretty real and one that is all cloth but she loves them both the same. Literally EVERY time she sees them she smiles. She will give them hugs and kisses repeatedly. Sometimes she will give them rides in her toy stroller...which brings me to her next talent...
  8. Loves to push anything and everything around in her stroller. This includes her babies, stuffed animals, her toys, Sophie's toys, remotes, or anything else that may have been left within reach.
  9. Gives head-butts. Not on command but if you lean your head forward she will put her forhead against yours.
  10. Manages to look adorable with pretty close to NO hair. Has a teeny bit of hair that is about an inch long but its mostly in the back and it's all very blonde.Will not tolerate hats or head bands. I have managed to get a few pics of her with head bands but I have given up trying to make her keep them on all day. I can see now why some people pierce their baby girls' ears'. (not for me though)
  11. Just recently kept her shoes on for the first time at church. I was ecstatic. I think she is taking a new liking for shoes. She will dig through her shoe bin now and try to put a shoe on her foot. She puts the shoe on top of her foot and carefully lets go and then acts frustrated when the shoe immediately falls off.
  12. Loves playing fetch and tug-of-war with Sophie. She "runs for cover" when I throw a toy for her to fetch because she knows that Sophie is going to come charging back in her direction. Sophie can also get her giggling pretty good when they play tug-of-war. It is so cute.
  13. Mimicks Sophie (and most dogs) when she barks. Makes this cute little high-pitched noise that actually sounds kind of like a bark.
  14. Laughes hysterically when I help her walk up the stairs. She takes extra large steps so that she only steps on each stair once. It's hilarious.
  15. Loves to prop her feet up on stuff. This is especially true in her high chair and in her stroller. Sometimes she will get herself stuck in a really uncomfortable position in her high chair and has to yell for help.
  16. Very flexible and can literally fold in half. She loves to do pilates (since birth, pretty much) and enjoys eating her feet!
  17. Says "Kitty" (actually pronounced "diddy" or "dee dee"). I saved the best for last because we are considering this her first word. She has said other things like "mama" and "dada" and other mumbo jumbo. But this is the first word that she only uses with reference to the real thing (which I find interesting since she isnt even around the cat that much). Every time she sees the cat she gets a big grin on her face and says "diddy!" I absolutely love it! She is an animal lover just like her folks (and their folks!).


AZ Owen's said...

Haha. Good memories. My mom has a journal of funny things we did and said as kids and it is so fun to look at. Have to keep up on it!

Jed and Amanda said...

I loved reading all of these milestones of Averi's. It is fun to hear where she is at and the things that she is doing similar to Rory. I think Averi and Rory would have a blast together. I am extremely impressed that Averi says kitty. What a smart girl!